Online Store NOW OPEN!

Hi coffee lovers and followers,

We are pleased and pretty stoked to announce that our store is now open. We decided to go through Square for purchases and our storefront. We currently have some great single-origin coffees available for purchase. In the future, and as we build more inventory, we are planning to offer four coffees, one from each of the four major coffee growing regions – Africa, South America, Central America, and Indonesia – as regular offerings. Then we will have a rotational selection that will be available in limited quantities and change often. Be sure to follow our blog and social media feeds for updates and new information.

Store link: BlackSquirrelCoffeeRoasters

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Black Squirrel travels

We have gotten to do a little traveling within the past month or so. Mr. & Mrs. went to Valdosta, GA to visit VSU as the Mrs. is now enrolled in a graduate program for Library Sciences (books and coffee go together). While we were there, we got to visit a local coffee shop called Grassroots coffee. The coffee and the service was great! We got to enjoy a pour-over and chill out for a while.

IMG_0544  IMG_0545

Also a friend had visited Gatlinburg, TN recently and brought back something that reminded them of us 😀


Thanks for following and we are working on an on-line store to make our coffee more available!

It’s Been a While.

Hi coffee lovers,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted last, obviously. We were running a storefront through Etsy, but our pricing, shipping, and expenses were costing us more money to provide great coffee than to sustain the business itself. So we took a step back from the online business and have been focusing on building relationships and selling coffee in our local area. We’re glad to have had positive responses to our roasts for our customers. We’ve heard good news like, “I usually always have to put cream and sugar in my coffee, but I can drink yours black.” Those are the kind of words that encourage us to continue to profile different origins of coffees and to hone our senses during the roasting process and most definitely the tasting process afterwards. We enjoy providing custom-roasted coffee to our customers.

We have been taking some time recently to look into our costs and how we can get back to providing coffee to lovers outside of our local area. This will take more time, but we thank you so much for following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course our own blog.

Life’s to short to drink bad coffee. 🙂

Black Squirrel.

Another day roasting and some FREE shipping!

DSCN0650 DSCN0651  DSCN0654

We’ve had a fast paced couple of weeks lately. I cannot believe that Christmas was just a couple of weeks ago, it’s feeling like months already. But we’re keeping it up, and roasting up a storm. During and before Christmas we sold a ton of coffee, so much that we ran out of our supply of green coffee beans. We quickly placed a new order and we’re back to filling customers orders.

As you can see above we’ve got some roasting going on tonight for three people, and we’ve got the green coffee beans, weighed out, and divided up. We’ve got a few new origins of coffee, and we’re very excited about some new varietals that we are now roasting.

One of these new chosices is the Fair Trade Organization Certified Peruvian coffee that has a sweetness of raw sugar, crisp apple and floral notes. This is a microlot coffee from the Trujillano cooperative of farms in northern Peru.

Another exciting coffee is the Cameroon Mifi Java Longberry. This varietal has a straight forward raw sugar sweetness and black tea flavors. This coffee is from the Mifi region of Cameroon which and is a West African coffee, unlike the more common East African regions such as Ethiopia and Kenya.

To balance out the excitement of the two sweeter varietals mentioned, we have received a nice Guatemala Atitlan. This coffee is from the Juan Pira region of Guatemala and has flavors of cinnamon, all-spice and a roasted nut flavor completes the cup.

We also just purchased the Baratza Virtuoso awesome coffee grinder. We got ours from Prima Coffee in Kentucky, and it was here in no time. With this new coffee appliance we are happy to announce that all our coffee’s can now be purchased either whole bean or ground!

Happy Thursday everyone thanks for checking us out, and supporting us!


New Year, New Coffee!

Happy New Year and 2015 to everyone!

We had a great holiday season and hope that everyone else did as well. Plenty of coffee and laughter was shared with family and friends; it doesn’t get much better than that.

Santa brought a few brewing gadgets for us to use including a Bobble Presse, Hario v60 brewer and a Baratza Virtuoso burr grinder and we couldn’t be more excited.

IMG_20141229_165244   IMG_20150102_201603

Check us out and have a great year with great coffee! 🙂

New Coffee’s Listed.

DSCN0278 DSCN0280 DSCN0286 DSCN0262 DSCN0268 DSCN0267 DSCN0259 DSCN0260 DSCN0284 DSCN0273

Another day another roast….today we made a few sample batches to try. Naturally I trotted them all out to take some photos. We love the way the roasts are coming out even, and having a fresh roasted freshly brewed, and pressed, cup of coffee each day is really awesome.

We’re really enjoying our roaster, and happy to have started this roasting business, we have the hope that we will be able to continue this business for a long time, and enjoy roasting and selling coffee well into the future.

So far we’ve doen a variety of small 1/4 lb roasts we’ve been trying, light, and medium, no dark roasts yet because we just aren’t big fans of dark roasts.

The big benefit to roasting your own coffee at home is having that fresh roasted taste, and being able to control the overall roast level. We really love having our coffee come out perfect and have the great coffee taste. We’re sort of coffee snobs so for us this is the ultimate in the coffee experience.

Happy Sunday!