Black Squirrel Coffee Origins


Black Squirrel Coffee Roasters was founded in December 2014. It was during this winter that coffee was brewed each morning and outside of the window was a lone, solid-black squirrel. Being located in the Southern region of Tennessee, gray squirrels and an occasional red squirrel were common sights, but never had we seen a solid black squirrel. As the winter wore on and the black squirrel foraged and got bigger, so did the idea for Black Squirrel Coffee Roasters. Today, Black Squirrel Coffee Roasters focuses on producing great coffee while giving customers a choice in the coffee they receive. The joy of life is seeing, tasting, and experiencing new things.

Black Squirrel Coffee Roasters is customer driven in the fact that our coffee is roasted upon order and is roasted to the customer’s preference of roast level; light, medium or dark. Being a small-batch roaster, we can custom roast our coffee to the desired roast level of each customer, or the customer can choose to receive the “Roaster’s Choice” level for their coffee. This focus on the customer’s preferences is what sets Black Squirrel apart from other roasters. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try a dark-roasted coffee from Ethiopia or a light roast from Sumatra.

You can reach us at:
Tweet us: @BlackSqurlCoffe
Facebook us:Black Squirrel Coffee Roasters
Shop us: BlackSquirrelCoffeeRoasters

Or just drop us a comment here on the blog. If you have questions about roast options, different origins, or anything else, drop us a line.


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